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Terms for General Public
The General Public is welcome to purchase from our site under guidelines set forth.

  • All purchases made by anyone not registered as a Certified Service Center is purchasing any
    and all items AS IS. There are no returns on AS-IS items.

  • Any item purchased by a customer for a Tech or Service Center must provide proof of a repair
    invoice from a Certified Electronics Technician and/or TV Repair Center with business name,
    contact information, diagnosis, and date of estimate. Estimate date must be documented before
    or on date of purchase. Any invoice with a date after the day of purchase will be considered  void.

  • Any repair center used must specialize in TV Repair or be listed on our approved list of service
    centers that can be found on TvPartsGuy Repair Center Directory.

    Why Does TvPartsGuy Sell AS IS to the General Public

  • TvPartsGuy was designed to help TV shops locate and purchase hard to find parts at an
    affordable price. We help service centers make repairs viable in a market where everything is
    made to be a throw away. The impact of a throw away world has caused a severe environmental
    impact as well as an economic impact to all the TV shops that can't compete with the declining
    price of electronics and the inflating price of their parts.

  • With the above said. Trained Technicians know what they are looking for. They also know the
    repercussions of installing parts without a proper diagnosis. Plasma TV’s work in a domino effect.
    One bad board can blow another and trickle down the line. The rarity of these parts makes it very
    hard and expensive to replace and the loss has become unbearable.

  • Compatibility and Versions: Most consumers do not realize there many versions of a TV made
    with the same model number. This causes lots of confusion and in return, leads to many RMA's
    and a significant loss of money in shipping and time.

  • Misdiagnosis: Even a trained professional has to make an educated guess at times. However,
    the internet is full of misinformation. Many customers using blogs for diagnosis do not understand
    it is a guide line not a state of fact. It is not always as easy as it seems. We want to leave it to the
    professionals to diagnose and take the responsibility of being a professional to order there parts
    and stand behind their decisions. More than 90% of returned boards are from misdiagnosis. We
    stand behind our community of servicers and will work them to figure out your problem. However,
    we cannot have customers guessing with trial and error with our parts. This damages the part and
    takes a good part from a servicer who could have used it to make a living.

  • Every board listed is tested to make sure all functions are working. This is done to assure service
    centers can count on a quality product and take care of there customers in a timely manner.
    Every board returned has to be retested,  this takes up time in labor tracking down the proper TV
    and diagnosing issues. This  delays our response time to better serve our customers and drives
    up cost.
 If an item is ordered, it is presumed that the buyer has read, understood, and accepts wholly and          completely:
(1) that it is a binding contract, (2) the terms and conditions as prescribed herein, but not limited to, TV Parts Guy's
(TPG) policies and FAQ's page, and (3) any and/or all instructions issued by TPG representatives, associates and/or
their affiliates and will follow them as instructed.
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